• Joshua Klatt

Historical Salvation Army Building

A view of the 1916 Salvation Army Citadel (church building) on Ridgewood in Sebring. A number of Sebring's early residents, including General Higgins and his son William, were members of this church, which was closely allied Methodist denomination of city founder George Sebring. Long-time Sebring residents will remember that the front window was formerly occupied by a large stained glass panel depicting Salvation Army Founder William Booth. The panel, dedicated in 1944 to honor General Higgins's 80th birthday, was removed in 2019 after the church disbanded and moved to the Salvation Army Archive in Atlanta.

Pictures of the window (inside and outside) may be found in a wonderful article written by Kim Leatherman Moody for the Highlands News-Sun, October 3rd, 2019: https://www.yoursun.com/news/historic-window-removed-from-salvation-army-ahead-of-move/article_da5a5124-e539-11e9-a45d-53e3a1781369.html